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Last Updated: September 01, 2020
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Fatcow host analysis
Disclosure: When you click on a link, in some cases we earn a commission from the hosts.
Fatcow Hosting
Plans Starting at:

Easy To Understand Pricing

Transfers & Domains Names Are Free

Dependable Customer Service

Disclosure: When you click on a link, in some cases we earn a commission from the hosts.

FatCow Hosting Introduction

FatCow was established back in 1988 in Albuquerque, USA, making it one of the oldest names in the industry. Even though the name may be odd for a web hosting service, don’t let that throw you off. The company chose that name to invoke friendliness, comfort, and customer satisfaction, and they succeeded in achieving that with a high level of service.

FatCow focuses more on small businesses and individuals looking to have a presence online. It achieves that through its hosting plans and its customer-centered approach. They do not take the techno-babble approach with many schemes, options, and complicated pricing mechanisms that make it hard for customers to understand what they are purchasing at FatCow. Therefore, FatCow offers easy and straightforward hosting services where you can get straight to the point without wasting time overcoming the technical terms, hurdles, and complicated pricing options.

Services and Features

FatCow takes a different approach when it comes to shared hosting. Instead of multiple plans with varying features, it offers one hosting plan that caters to personal and small businesses. If you own a small business, you don’t have to toggle through different plans, it is one plan with one price, and it has everything you need for your business, right from the onset. The plan comes with an introductory price tag of $4.08/month, renews at $14.95/month. You can get better prices for more extended contracts. For example, the rate is $12.95/month for a 36-month contract. The service has everything you will need for your personal site or business. You will get a free domain, for the initial year. As for capacity, the plan has unlimited bandwidth and disk space, or as FatCow calls it “Oodles.” It clarifies that it is a shared hosting service, so customers share the hardware and the pipes they use to transfer data.

features of Fatcow hosting

They have to monitor the bandwidth to ensure optimum performance for all customers, with a 99.5% uptime. For disk space, FatCow states that in a few cases, they have to work with customers to reduce the files they use in order to manage them effectively.

The hosting plan also enables you to run an online shop. You will be able to create a ShopSite online store through which you can accept integration with Paypal, Power Pay, and Credit Cards. It utilizes shared SSL to guarantee protection for your business and its customers. It also enables you to transfer your existing domain and allows for domain renewals and hosting subdomains. Your website will also be compatible with Poll, Survey, phpBB, Joomla, WordPress, and other tools. You can easily integrate referral programs, reseller business, and affiliate programs to grow your business. Additional features and perks include:

  • PHP 5.3, 5.6,5.5, 7.0 & 7.1 Support
  • CGI Directory
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Script Library
  • Web Analytics Tools
  • FTP Access
  • Python programming language compatible
  • Customizable control panel
  • Unlimited domains, subdomains, and email accounts
  • $100 Google Ads Bonus
  • $100 Bing Search Marketing Credit

VPS Hosting:

If you want more, and if your business is out-growing the Shared Hosting plan, the next step is VPS Hosting. It offers more resources, with semi-private resources on virtual private servers. It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, 24/7 support, and seamless cloud migration options. It has three plans, with price tags between $24.99 and $99.99/month. The mid-tier plan, dubbed “Business” is the most cost-effective. It offers 90GB of storage, 4GB of RAM, 2 Cores, and 3TB Bandwidth. All plans come with some useful features that include:

  • Optional root access
  • High-speed mirrored SAN storage
  • Guaranteed memory
  • Instant provisioning of resources
  • Pre-installed scripts (Perl, PHP, FrontPage, Ruby on Rail, Cron, Python, and more).
  • Error Logs, Urchin 5, AWstats, and Webalizer.

VPS hosting at Fatcow

Dedicated Hosting:

For optimum performance with incredible resources, Dedicated Hosting is the way to go. The plans at FatCow offer up to 15 TB Bandwidth, 1000GB storage, four cores, and 16 GB of RAM. Such performance comes with an expensive price tag, which is equal to $239.99/month. That being said, Dedicated hosting is more suited to companies looking for unmatched performance rather than affordability rather than unmatched performance.

dedicated hosting prices for Fatcow

Sign Up Process

The entire sign-up process from the moment you select a domain to create your website to going live is made quick and straightforward at FatCow. Like any sign-up process, it begins by choosing the hosting plan or service you want for your business or website. You will then get to decide whether you have a domain or want to search for one. During the sign-up and check-out process, there are plenty of options under the billing section. You have to make sure to select or deselect them as per your needs.

For example, there is the Create Your Website option, Website Security, Site Backup, and WordPress optimization. Make sure to always pay attention during the sign-up process, as it will affect your bill in the end. You will then be required to provide contact info, personal details, payments, and you will be ready to go.

additional services to consider during sign up

Domain and E-mail

The domain search is as easy as a Google search. Type in the desired domain name, and search for availability. FatCow enables you to pre-register a domain, which increases your chances of winning the name. That is helpful, especially when it comes to popular domain names and extensions. There are plenty of new TLDs being either released or available for pre-registration. There are almost 370 extensions that include some of the most popular and niche ones. FatCow is with you every step of the way, during Trademark, Early Access, and Pre-Registration until you go live with the new domain.

buy a domain with Fatcow

FatCow offers an e-mail service with all of its plans. Since it is a free service, it might not satisfy your professional business needs. If you want to upgrade your e-mail, or want an e-mail service without a web hosting plan, FatCow has two products for you.


There is the G Suite and the MS Exchange 2013 for Enterprises. The G Suite product allows you to have Gmail as your domain name. Therefore, you will get all the perks of user-friendly Gmail. That means 30 GB of storage, push notifications, and shared calendars. You will also have access to your essential files anywhere and through any device with Google Drive. The G Suite plan costs $6/month.

The other plan, MS Exchange 2013, is aimed at bigger enterprises and businesses. The plan allows you to view e-mails, contacts, and schedule meetings from any location. You can easily sync e-mails and contact through your smartphone. You will also get free desktop licenses on any desktop you use. There are three options under this plan, Exchange Basic (5GB Mailboxes), Plus (10GB Mailboxes), and Premium (25GB Mailboxes). The plans start at $12.95/month.

Website Builder and Control Panel

Website building is no longer a complicated matter and does not require any special tech skills. FatCow gives you the chance to create your business’ website with ease using the free website builder tool, Weebly. It is one of the most popular website-building tools in the industry. It is a drag and drop builder with helpful features, add-ons, and ready-made items that you can easily integrate into your website. You will soon get a grasp of control and how Weebly works without being a computer genius. You will quickly understand how to use the existing layouts and use some HTML templates to create a cohesive and comprehensive website representing your business. The tool is user-friendly, responsive, and intuitive, and you can find plenty of online video tutorials that unlock the secret goodies at Weebly.

Weebly is for free with every FatCow hosting plan. Of course, the free version does not give you access to the full potential of Weebly. You will only get limited mobile-friendly themes, templates, and a maximum of six website pages.

If you want to unlock the website builder’s full potential, you can select the “Create Your Website” option when you are signing up for a service. It will cost you $6.99/month, but you will get access to the website builder’s upgraded version. The premium version includes plenty of built-in functions and tools, styles, WordPress themes, ready-made plug-ins, a customized control panel, SEO tools, and a vast image library.

website builder themes at Fatcow

FatCow utilizes the popular cPanel. The cPanel is known for its effectiveness in website management. You can control all of your services, manage the site, and make any needed changes from one dashboard and with ease. It is one of the most user-friendly panels in the world. Through the cPanel, you can access and manage the Mojo Marketplace, the MySQL Database, and the Ecwid Online Store. cPanel also allows you to handle FTP transfers and to view the visitor statistics, among other helpful tools and features.

Customer Service and Support

FatCow has a friendly support team here to help you at any given time, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. The team is available to help you with any issue. So whether you have a problem with a hosting plan, or have a question about a particular feature or add-on, FatCow has got your back. You can always expect to find a friendly and well-trained support member with a can-do attitude who is eager and enthusiastic to help resolve your issue.

You can get in touch with support via live chat, which is the most popular option. You can also contact them via phone. You will also find two phone numbers, one for Sales and one for Support. There is also an extensive FAQ library that has answers to some of the most commonly asked questions. FatCow also offers step-by-step tutorials that can be quite helpful. There is an e-mail that FatCow has if you want to report any violation of the Terms of Service of FatCow. Lastly, all support team members took the Heifercratic Oath pledge, which guarantees you a top-quality support service.

contact fatcow customer support

Overall Summary of FatCow Hosting Service

FatCow is one of the oldest web hosting providers, so it has accumulated a lot of experience throughout the years. It managed to utilize this experience to offer one of the simplest yet effective web hosting services in the business. It has upfront and honest pricing, with one single Shared Hosting plan, its number one seller. It offers all of the perks and features you would expect, including free website transfers, 24/7 support, 30-day money-back guarantee. On the other hand, it does not guarantee 99.99% uptime, as it offers 99.95% uptime, which could use some enhancement.

Disclosure: When you click on a link, in some cases we earn a commission from the hosts.
Fatcow Hosting
Plans Starting at:

Easy To Understand Pricing

Transfers & Domain Names Are Free

Dependable Customer Service

Disclosure: When you click on a link, in some cases we earn a commission from the hosts.

  • Flexible Pricing Plans
  • Affordable Long-Term Pricing
  • Simple & Easy-to-Use Tools
  • Frequent Upselling
  • Not The Most Speedy
Fatcow Review Score
Overall Score: 4.1/5
Services and Features: 4
Sign up Process: 4.1
Domain and E-mail: 4.1
Website Builder and Control Panel: 4.1
Customer Service and Support: 4.2


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