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Last Updated: September 01, 2020

3 3/4 star rating

Rating: 3.7 out of 5 stars

Network Solutions Host Analysis
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Network Solutions Hosting
Plans Starting at:

✔ Custom Domains Are Free

✔ Reliable Customer Support

✔ 99.99% Guaranteed Uptime

Disclosure: When you click on a link, in some cases we earn a commission from the hosts.

Network Solutions Hosting Introduction

Network Solutions’ origins trace back to 1979. It opened its first domain name system for the US government in 1991. It continued to build more domain registration as the internet became popular, becoming a big brand. Over the years, it continued to enhance and innovate its services until it became one of the biggest companies that offer web hosting services, domain registration, and much more. In 2011, acquired the company and added it to its portfolio of brands that include as well.

Services and Features

Network Solutions targets personal bloggers, small businesses to medium-sized enterprises. Therefore, it offers two web hosting solutions. It provides shared cloud web hosting and WordPress hosting.

hosting services and prices at Network Solutions

Cloud Web Hosting:

Network Solutions offers web hosting in the cloud. It is a shared hosting solution that lets you experience the reliability of cloud web hosting. It is an affordable, flexible, and reliable way to manage the web hosting needs of your business. Web hosting in the cloud stores all of the websites on different servers. That means that the website will remain online, even if one of the servers crashes. Network Solutions also runs a comprehensive scan every day so it can detect and proceed to remove any malware.

The plans come with a choice between Linux and Windows and support a vast library of different developer tools and compatibility with a wide range of programming languages and open source applications. These will help you customize and edit your website to your liking. They include phpMyAdmin, PHP7, Python, MySQL, Drupal, Joomla, and Perl, to name a few. You will also utilize a secured FTP that will help you move any files from the old server to the Network Solutions servers. Some add-ons can help elevate your business, including Site Lock, SSL Certificate, CodeGuard, and MyTime Support.

There are four plans available for this service (Starter, Essential, Professional, and Professional Plus). The recommended plan that is affordable and comes with great features is the Essential plan. It comes with 300GB Diskspace, 3 Websites, 1000 e-mail boxes, and a free domain name and SiteLock. It comes with a price tag of $9.96/month. The biggest plan is the Professional Plus, which costs $21.62/month, and it also comes with unlimited disk space, ten websites, unlimited e-mail boxes, domain name, Sitelock Premium, and an SSL Certificate.

WordPress Hosting:

Network Solutions offers rock-solid WordPress performance that has one of the fastest online loading times available. It has three tiers of plans that will fit your needs, whether you are starting your first blog or a seasoned veteran. The plans are affordable, and they are designed to grow as your blog or business does. All plans offer a hassle-free experience, even if you have no experience in managing a WordPress website. Hosting also comes with the option to access plenty of themes and free plugins. These will help you create a mobile and SEO-friendly website with ease, just like a professional.

Network Solutions also promises loading times that are 2x faster than the competition. Everyone knows that a faster website will always attract more customers and visitors. The three tiers of WordPress hosting are WordPress for Entrepreneurs, A Growing Business, and Professional. Picking a plan depends on the size of the business. The plans have price tags that vary between $7.99 and $18.98/month. They offer up to 200GB of storage, 5 WordPress sites, and 50 e-mail boxes, with cloud back-up, SSL, and multi-site management.

Sign Up Process

Once you made up your mind and chose a hosting plan or another service, you will then add it to the cart to begin the process. It starts with the domain name selection, where you can search in the registrar, or you can link your own domain to move it to Network Solutions servers. The search for the domain is easy, and you will quickly find the one you want or similar alternatives. Once this is complete you can then review the plan and choose its duration, and you will see the total to know how much the cost is. Speaking of payment, you can pay with most credit cards or via Paypal.

The rest of the registration process is simple; you will be required to provide personal and payment data, review the cart, and confirm payment. There are also numerous add-ons that you can add for an extra fee, so always check those to enhance the quality of your website.

transfer or buy domain at Network Solutions

Domain and E-mail

Network Solutions offers various domain services that cover all of your needs. That includes domain search, domain transfer, private domain registration, and WHOIS search, to name a few. The search is simple and easy, and it comes with numerous extensions. They recently added new top domains with extensions such as .email, .guru, .global, and expert. Network Solutions also offers extensive e-mail solutions. Professional e-mail is one of the most popular plans. It helps you have a professional e-mail that will make a good impression at an affordable price. It costs $1.75 for each mailbox and renews at only $4.40 per mailbox. It offers 15GB of e-mail storage, and you can access the files anytime and anywhere. Other e-mail solutions include professional e-mail plus that starts at $4.49 (renews at $8.99) per mailbox, which offers 30GB of storage and has an open business suite and Guard encryption. There are also Microsoft Office 365 e-mail plans that start at $9.99 up to $24.99. They offer plenty of Microsoft apps and collaboration tools and 1TB Onedrive storage.

get domain at Network Solutions

Setup email at Newtork Solutions

Website Builder and Control Panel

Network Solutions offer a DIY website builder that helps you turn your vision into a reality without any coding experience. You have the vision, and Network Solutions will provide you with the tools that you need. It has helpful and easy-to-use drag-and-drop modules so you can create a professional website. You will have access to over 150 templates, and 1000s of stock photos free of charge. There are also SEO and advanced web analytics that will help you target and track visitors. Network Solutions has three plans for Website Building that cost from $2.95 for the first month for its initial “Website Builder” plan, up to $4.95 for the first month for its high-end plan. The plans offer a wide array of features, depending on which plan you have. These features include:

  • Free domain name + hosting blog & Custom Favicon
  • Website analytics
  • Review management Tool
  • Built-in shopping carts to sell up to 400 products

There is another option, in which you can pay Network Solutions to design your website. You can get a consultation, tell them about your vision and your business, and get a quote for your website. The service is done through, which has recently acquired Network Solutions. They will design a website that will allow your business to grow and increase your exposure to potential customers. You will be able to:

  • Accept payments through your website
  • Track the performance of your website
  • Track customer leads
  • Rank higher on different search engines
  • Reach more customers

When it comes to the control panel, Network Solutions offers its own custom-made panel that will help you control the service entirely. It comes free with every hosting plan. Of course, you can install cPanel if you wish, but it will most likely cost a fee, and you will need to get in touch with the technical team at Network Solutions to get it done.

website builder templates at Network Solutions

Customer Service and Support

Customer support at Network Solutions is great, but it is sadly not amazing. The problem with it is not the quality of the service, but the fact that it does not offer live chat, which is the most effective and popular way of contacting support. Other than that, you will find 24/7/365 available support via e-mail or phone. There are numerous phone numbers and a general support phone number. The team is friendly, professional, and well-trained and will help you with whatever you need. There is also a resource center that is full of tutorials, guides, and answers to some of the popular questions.

contact Network Solutions customer support

Overall Summary of Network Solutions Hosting Service

Network Solutions has proven over and over that it has the reliability that any start-up or business would need. One of the reasons behind that is the fact that the cloud keeps website files on different servers. Therefore, the website will always be online, even if a server is down. As mentioned previously, acquired the company. It is one of the biggest companies in the industry, which vouches for its service. It has multiple plans and services such as cloud web hosting, WordPress hosting, website building services, and more. All of that is backed by top-notch support and an overall customer-satisfactory experience.

Disclosure: When you click on a link, in some cases we earn a commission from the hosts.
Network Solutions Hosting
Plans Starting at:

✔ Custom Domains Are Free

✔ Reliable Customer Support

✔ 99.99% Guaranteed Uptime

Disclosure: When you click on a link, in some cases we earn a commission from the hosts.

  • Above Average Security Features
  • Amazing Website Builder 
  • Helpful Customer Service
  • Pricing is Sometimes Confusing
Network Solutions Score
Overall Score: 3.7/5
Services and Features: 3.6
Sign up Process: 3.8
Domain and E-mail: 3.7
Website Builder and Control Panel: 3.6
Customer Service and Support: 3.8


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