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Last Updated: September 01, 2020

3 1/4 star rating

Rating: 3.2 out of 5 stars

Strato host analysis
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Strato Hosting
Plans Starting at:

✔ Cheap, Quality Hosting

✔ Unlimited Traffic

✔ 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Disclosure: When you click on a link, in some cases we earn a commission from the hosts.

Strato Web Hosting Introduction

Strato is a web hosting provider that opened shop back in 1997 in Berlin, Germany. The company is a part of one of the biggest telecommunication companies in Germany, Deutsche Telekom. It has over two hundred employees and offers its services to different regions worldwide, therefore providing customer support in 6 languages. It hosts more than 4 million domains and two million customers.

Strato is not a one-product company, as it offers an entire web hosting solution that provides all businesses with everything they need. So, whether you run a start-up business or a big enterprise, Strato has got your back. It offers dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, and Shared Hosting. It also has domain and e-mail services and website building tools to help you build a presence online. Strato adds a cherry on the top by offering a free domain with its Shared Hosting plans. It also provides tremendous discounts to first-time users.

Services and Features:

Strato has a lot of hosting products, which might look intimidating at first, especially for newcomers. Once you understand each product and its offering, you will know what plan and what product is suitable for your business.

Shared Web Hosting:

This is the leading hosting product at Strato, which is perfect for new businesses that want to have an online presence. It is an award-winning and user-oriented web hosting service with innovative technologies. There are four plans available.

Hosting Starter:

It is ideal for simple websites and start-ups. It offers 3 domains, 1 SSL Certificate, 50GB webspace, 2000 e-mails, 20GB e-mail storage, and 2 databases (SSD). The first month is free, then it cost €4/month then €10 in facility fees.

Hosting Basic:

It is an all-rounder for dynamic sites. It offers 5 domains, 5 SSL Certificates, 100GB webspace, 4000 e-mails, 40GB e-mail storage, 25 databases (SSD). The first 12 months cost €1/month, then it costs €8/month, and it supports Python and Ruby.

Hosting Plus:

It is the perfect plan for bigger companies and club websites. It offers 10 domains, 10 SSL Certificates, 150GB webspace, 8000 e-mails, 80GB e-mail storage, and 50 databases (SSD). The first month is free, and then it costs €10/month with €10 facility fees. Hosting Plus supports Python and Ruby and has 50 SFTP accounts.

Hosting Pro:

It is the ideal plan for intensive web projects and mega websites. It offers 20 domains, 20 SSL Certificates, 200 GB webspace, 15000 e-mails, 150 GB e-mail storage, 75 databases (SSD). The first month is free, and then it costs €20/month with €10 facility fees. It also supports Python, CronJobs, Ruby and has 80 SFTP accounts.

One of Strato’s fantastic features is the AppWizard, a helpful software installer for 1-click installations. The available applications include content management systems such as Drupal, Typo3, Joomla, and WordPress, in addition to plenty of blogs, forums, wiki, and gallery software.

VPS Hosting:

If you have outgrown the shared hosting resources, have a lot of visitors, and need more flexibility, then VPS is the next logical step. Strato Virtual Private Servers enables you to take advantage of first-class performance along with full root access. You will get storage space and RAM that are exclusive for your website. The recommended Windows VPS hosting plan is the Windows V40, and for Linux, it is the Linux V40.

Windows V40:

6 CPU vCores, connection speed up to 1,000 Mbit/s, 8 GB guaranteed RAM, Windows server 2019, and 500GB SSD/HDD. The First 6 months are €1/month; then, it costs €24/month.

Linux V40:

8 CPU vCores, 32 GB of Ram, 800 GB SSD, unlimited traffic, and a 500 Mbit/s connection. The First 3 months are €1/month then it costs €15/month. You can also pick the 16 GB RAM SSD and 1.2 TB SSD variant for the same price.

Dedicated Server Hosting:

Dedicated Server hosting is the premium class when it comes to web hosting. You will get branded hardware from some of the leading manufacturers like Dell and Intel. You will have access to the full performance of the hardware at your disposal. All of the devices of these servers are configured in Germany. They are designed and configured for continuous and reliable operation. Strato has Linux and Windows Dedicated Server hosting. The recommended Windows Dedicated Server hosting plan is CP410, and for Linux Dedicated Server hosting, it is the Linux D420.

Windows CP410:

Intel Xeon E3-1230v6, 4×3.5 GHz with a 1 Gbit/s connection, 2x 1TB HDD/2x 480 GB SSD, 32 GB of RAM (DDR4 ECC). It has Upstream Firewall, Windows Server 2019, and it costs €84/€94 per month.

Root Server Linux D420:

Intel Xeon E-2134, 4×3.5 GHz with a 1 Gbit/s connection, 32 GB of RAM (DDR4 ECC), and Intel Hyper-Threading. It is Docker Ready, has HDD/SSD options with root access, and it costs €33/month for the first three months, and renewals cost €66/month with a €39 facility fee.

Strato also offers other forms of hosting and storage services, including managed and unmanaged server hosting, cloud storage, and webshop hosting.

Overall, the variety of products speaks for itself, with a wide array of features, options, and plan-tiers to make sure you will find something that fits your needs. One of the perks of Strato is customization, as you can customize many of the plans to increase the resources per your requirements. There are also plenty of helpful add-ons and optional features that are the icing on the Strato cake. When it comes to pricing, you will undoubtedly get what you paid for, as the plans are highly customizable and well worth the money. Strato also has attractive discounts for its services that usually cover the 1st to the 6th month. There are even some plans that are entirely free for the first month.

Features offered at Stratos

Sign Up:

Strato offers a seamless and clear sign-up process. It starts by picking a product and adding it to the cart. You will see the product and the plan you choose at the top with its features.

  • Search for your domain with a variety of TLDs and extension
  • Decide if you want to get Mail Archiving or not for €2.5/month for the first 12 months
  • SSL Certificate options to add more SSL Certificates
  • Choosing to add features like Office 365, STRATO adCoach, 24/7 support, and STRATO Listing Coach
  • Reviewing the cart after adding any needed features and options
  • Providing your information, overview the order, and then confirm the purchase.

While the sign-up process is longer than usual, it helps clear any misinformation. It displays all the expenses and features and options that you can add, so there are no hidden or surprise fees when you check out. It also makes sure you do not miss out on any of the attractive options and add-ons that you might want. The domain search is also effortless and has a lot of extensions (.xyz, .online, .com, .store, .eu, and more).

Website Builder and Control Panel:

Strato’s control panel of choice is the Plesk control panel, one of the main alternatives to the popular cPanel. So, if you were hoping for cPanel, do not fret, as you can expect the same high-quality features and experience from Plesk. Plesk control panel gives you unwarranted access and control over the business from the control panel’s dashboard. The interface is easy and does not require you to be a computer whiz to manage it. The control panel is secured, and it is entirely compatible with Linux and Windows. You can also expect regular updates to get the latest features and management tools added to your control panel so your business can thrive.

Strato offers an innovative and user-friendly website builder. The intuitive solution helps you create the website with ease, in only a few clicks. Strato provides you with a wide selection of templates, photos, and plenty of customization tools; there are more than 200 templates and 140 top-quality responsive layouts. All of that will help you customize the website to fit your business’s needs and vision. Strato has three site builder solutions; they are Basic, Pro, and Pro SEO.

Site Builder Basic:

€5/month, 1 domain, 1 SSL Certificate, 5 Pages, and 10 GB of webspace, and it is mobile optimized.

Site Builder Pro:

€9/month, 5 domains, 1 SSL Certificate, 1000 pages, 30 GB of webspace, and mobile-optimized with the ability to manage different versions and has smart access.

Site Builder Pro SEO:

€15/month, 10 domains, and everything else that the Site Builder Pro offers plus top placement on Google & Co. and RankingCoach.

website builder templates at Strato

Domain and E-mail:

Strato offers a variety of products and services, and therefore, while it provides e-mail services with its web hosting plans, it also offers standalone e-mail services. It also assists you in picking the domain name that you want for your business. Searching for it is easy, simple, and straightforward, and it does not need any prior tech knowledge. You type in the name, and the extension, and Strato will show you the availability of that name, or the closest alternatives. Strato would also help you buy the domain you want for a reasonable price and help you forward your domain if you already have one.

E-mail services are available through three plans. There are Basic, Plus, and Business plans. These plans offer different tiers of e-mail services to fit the diverse needs of different businesses. For example, if you are a start-up and need minimum resources, you should certainly go for the Basic Plan. E-mail is compatible with almost any device. So, you can easily use webmail in the browser, where it is encrypted and secured. You can also integrate the mailboxes into your e-mail program or favorite e-mail app with ease.

Basic Plan:

The Email Basic plan costs €2/month on a 12-month contract with facility fees of €10. It comes with 25 mailboxes (2GB per mailbox), 1 free .de domain, and is ad-free. It also comes with optional mail archiving.

Plus Plan:

It is the intermediate plan and recommended e-mail plan at Strato. It comes with a price tag of €5/month with no facility fees. It offers more resources than the Basic Plan with 5 GB per mailbox and 2 .de domains.

Business Plan:

This plan gives you more control with the ability to have from 1 to 100 premium mailboxes with 500GB of flexible e-mail storage. It comes with a price tag between €4.5 and €180/month. The Business Plan allows for Active Sync on all devices, 1 GB of online storage for each mailbox, and calendar management.

Email Archiving is one of the additional e-mail options available, which can be essential for many businesses. Such an option always requires legalities as a company to keep all e-mails tamper-proof and available. Therefore, the e-mail archiving option at Strato guarantees the following:

    • Meeting legal requirements such as GoBD and GDPR
    • Quick original condition restoration
    • Preventing any unauthorized access
    • Secure storage of both attachments and e-mails
buy a domain at Strato

Speed & Performance:

Unlike other web-hosting providers, Strato does not clearly state its guaranteed uptime. On the other hand, after some digging around, it is mentioned in the TOS that the Strato server availability, network, and data flow will be available 99% of the time throughout the year, at least. It qualifies as guaranteed uptime, which means that theoretically, it can have up to three days of downtime per year theoretically. So, while no one likes downtime, 99% with three days of possible downtime per year is not bad.

stratos host analysis


DigiCert is one of the best providers of digital certificates globally, and it has a unique experience in online security. Strato, together with DigiCert, will offer you and your website reliable protection with 256-bit SSL encryption.

With SSL encryption, all the information and data transmitted from your website is encrypted and protected. The Encryption protocol (Secure sockets Layer) secures the transmission of data between the client and the server, so any third parties cannot access it.

Advantages of SSL Certificates:

      • Marks the website as a secure site for the visitors
      • It validates your identity
      • Makes your website look trustworthy
      • Fulfills GDPR obligations

The hosting plans come with one SSL certificate for one domain, but there are plenty of options to get more. There are three plans for Single Domain SSL without subdomains (Starter, Business, and Premium) or Wildcard SSL for all subdomains (Starter Wildcard and Business Wildcard). To top that off, Strato has claimed the ISO TUV seal of approval for its excellent data protection, availability, and IT security, since 2014.

When it comes to its physical networks and server, Strato provides you complete peace of mind because of its ISO 27001 certified data centers in Germany. Both of them run on diesel power backup and UPS, gas sprinkler systems, and fire detection. If that is not enough, its websites’ data is mirrored between the two data centers for redundancy.

Customer Service

Strato offers top-notch support that is available via e-mail by filling a form or via phone. For phone support, it is open Monday-Friday from 8 am to 8 pm, and Saturday-Sunday from 10 am to 6:30 pm. You will only need your server PIN and customer number to get the help you need. If you want unlimited 24/7 access to phone support, you will have to pay 10 Euros per month. Whatever method you choose, you will find a helpful, professional, and knowledgeable support member who is willing to do what it takes to solve your issue.

Sadly, there is no live chat support. On the other hand, Strato has a helpful categorized database to search for the information you need. There is also self-help material, video guides, and tutorials, as well as a FAQ section. You also don’t need to worry about the language barrier if you do not speak German, as Strato offers its support in six different languages.

how to reach customer support for Strato

Is Strato a Good Web Host?

Strato is an overall good web host, thanks to its variety of hosting options, additional features, and service quality. It has optimum security, whether for its online data transmission or its land-based ISO certified servers located in Germany. Strato has a reputation for offering a variety of plans that will fit the needs of different-sized businesses. Whether you are running your own start-up business or a big enterprise, you will find a product that is the right fit for you.

Of course, no web host is perfect, so there are a few tweaks that Strato still needs. They include free 24/7 support, as currently, having 24/7 phone support is a paid service, and it offers an uptime of 99%, while many competitors guarantee 99.9% up-time. Strato does some things differently, which includes its green data centers. The data centers are energy-efficient, cooled, and operated exclusively with Carbon Dioxide (CO2) neutral electricity. It also offers tremendous discounts for new customers, and some plans are completely free for the first month.

Overall Summary of Strato Web Hosting

Strato is a German web host with physical servers in Germany; that statement alone could help you portray the quality you can expect from Strato. It is also backed by one of the biggest telecom firms in the country. Strato will offer you precisely what you need, thanks to its variety of products and affordable packages. It manages to achieve the golden balance between the price and the features. Some of the fantastic services that Strato offers are:

  • Domain and e-mail
  • Shared web hosting and WordPress Hosting
  • Server hosting (VPS, Dedicated, Managed, and Limited) for Windows and Linux
  • Cloud storage
  • Website builder and online store hosting
  • Online marketing

Therefore, you can count on Strato to provide you with the power you need to catapult your website and business to the charts’ top. Lastly, all prices mentioned are based on 12-month contracts, and they are inclusive of the VAT.

Disclosure: When you click on a link, in some cases we earn a commission from the hosts.
Strato Hosting
Plans Starting at:

✔ Cheap, Quality Hosting

✔ Unlimited Traffic 

✔ 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Disclosure: When you click on a link, in some cases we earn a commission from the hosts.

  • 1-Click Installation of Various Apps
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Variety of Web Hosting Services
  • Relatively Affordable Prices
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Fantastic Discounts
  • Top-Notch 256-Bit SSL Encryption


  • No Live Chat Support
  • 24/7 Phone Support Costs €10/month
Strato Review Score
Overall Score: 3.2/5
Services and Features: 3.5
Sign up Process: 3
Domain and E-mail: 3
Website Builder and Control Panel: 3
Customer Service and Support: 3.5


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